5 Reasons Why Most Nursing Agencies Don’t Take Graduates

As a nursing grad, do you ever feel the need to practice what you know and develop your skills? Then at the same time, make some extra cash? Well, you’re not alone.

We know you have tried to apply to work with your favourite nursing agency. However, the problem is that they don’t seem to take graduates. Do you wonder why this is so?

Relax, we have the answers here. In this article, we have highlighted five top reasons nursing agencies don’t take graduates.

1. Lack of Skills

Working with a nursing agency takes more than just your passion; there are specific skills that come with working well. You’ve to first familiarise yourself with basic nursing tasks like patient assessment and administering the right medication when required.

The problem here is that most full-time nurses available are very busy attending to other things and patients. As such, they don’t have the luxury of time to put you through. Learning all these on your own take a lot of time and might be very tiring.

2. Heavy Workload

Let’s not beat around; the workload that comes with working with a nursing agency is always overwhelming. You have to attend to the nursing tasks you get. Also, you have to learn on the job. It would be difficult to accept then many nursing grads who have not learned this into nursing agencies.

3. Thought of Unpreparedness

Going into nursing agencies to work as a grad means you’re a still a novice. Better, you’re yet to become a professional. It also means you still lack some needed medication knowledge, how to attend or assess patients and many more appropriately.

Here is the thing, nursing agencies have a set standard for employees whether you’re a novice or a professional. These standards are high because of the demands and expectations. So, if you’re just learning the ropes or you’re not quite good with learning perfectly fast, you will feel overwhelmed, and this will begin to affect your job.

4. No training Services:

Unlike hospitals where graduate nurses would be assigned to a more experienced nurse to be shown the ropes and given extensive training, such might not be applicable in agency nursing. A lot of activities have to be carried out by the individual nurse, especially for home visits. As a result of this, agencies prefer to employ nurses who already have considerable experience in the field.

5. Unfavourable Location

Agency nursing demands availability and proximity to where the action is – the nursing home, rehabilitation centre. When graduates live far away from where the agency operates and are unable to relocate, it becomes a problem during hiring. Also, many graduates hope to get a job in nursing agencies that already have enough hands, probably because the agency is closer to them.

Yes, there you have them, the five reason nursing agencies don’t take graduates. They may seem unfair, but they are the top reason standing in your way. We hope you work towards creating an exception for yourself by seeing this as an opportunity to work better at developing yourself for nursing agencies.

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