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In this period, various information that can harm our elderly has been made available by different unauthorised sources. In response, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has released correct information. This is in line and in addition to those already provided by the Department of Health. 

The information varies from ways of preventing and managing infection-related risks with guidance resources on hand hygiene to the prevention and control of infection in healthcare systems. It also cut across the prevention and management of the outbreak in residential facilities. Finally, it details the response plan for the novel coronavirus by the Australia Health Sector Emergency.

Click here to read more on the guidance resource pages.

The Commission’s Regulatory Response

The Commission’s regulatory response represents one that is proportionate to the risk posed by COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The Commission has a regulatory and compliance approach for quick response and care for the aged in COVID-19 cases. 

The Commission focuses on 

  1. The safety and care of the aged are taking priority, and risks are eliminated.
  2. The regulatory routines and activities are made flexible to allow changes and give care providers time to supply demands
  3. Fulfilment of our duty to staff and healthcare providers and provision of assistance to care providers

The COVID-19 is monitored with close attention to every change to measure the level of response at different stages as advised by the Department of Health and various other health authorities. The care, health, quality of life, the well-being of the aged care consumers is always our priority; we are always ready to protect and ensure all these and provide augmentation when required.

We remain committed to monitoring the Coronavirus situation and fine-tune our response subject to recent advice and information from the Department of Health and relevant health authorities. Our priority remains to protect, enhance, and improve the safety, well-being, health, and quality of life of aged care consumers.

Success Stories and Innovation During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The older people are at higher risk of the COVID-19 disease as their immune system as not as strong as that of younger people. However, they have been kept safe with regulatory information and a quick response provided by the Commission.

The Commission is also encouraging care providers to develop new ideas to tackle the novel virus. For example, some care providers have reduced the visitation of family members to once every two weeks. This information and innovations are to ensure the safety of the health of the elderly.

There are have been amazing success stories and innovative ideas that have been shared by care providers and even families of the aged in their care. You can see and read them by clicking this link.

Contact Details of State and Territory Public Health Agency 

For you to gain easy access when you need them, the phone numbers of all state and/or territory agencies have been compiled and made available at

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