Many people enjoyed gardening when they were more agile. With ageing or disability, there could be limitations to the activities they can carry out on their gardens. We provide gardening services for clients who might be unable to tend their garden fully or no longer able to access it safely.

However, we offer this service only for functionality and safety and not really for beauty. We have qualified and competent horticulturalists leading our volunteers from the gardening team to discuss with clients, assess their gardening needs and execute the plan. We also give them advice and consultancy on horticulture.

Who Are Those Eligible? 

Our gardening services cover for the elderly and residents with a disability staying in council areas such as Willoughby, North Sydney, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, and Mosman.

Annually, we receive up to 100 new inquiries from prospective clients. As a result of the significant demand, we evaluate the level of need and explore alternatives for our clients. We prioritise those in dire need and do not have alternatives to ensure their safety.

What Do We Offer?

Our competent horticulturist makes as an assessment of the garden and discusses the arising challenges including safety, maintenance and access as it pertains to the garden. The horticulturists develop strategies to resolve these challenges and set up scheduled visits with the volunteers. Most commonly, these visits are scheduled for every six months. 

Our service offering under this category include:

  • Weed removal
  • Mulch application
  • Raking
  • Green waste disposal in the council recycling bin
  • Horticultural advice
  • Pruning of small and low hanging tree branches that hinder access or threaten safety.
  • We deliver these within 4 hours.
  • We do not, however, deliver the following services:
  • Lawn mowing
  • Edging of lawn
  • Large trees or branches pruning
  • Plant installation
  • Green waste removal from the garden to the tip

We also do not deliver services that would entail our volunteers working on ladders


Fees vary depending on eligibility criteria and are usually from $17 to $25 per hour.

Our gardening services extend through Hunter Hill, North Sydney, Mosman, Willoughby and Lane Cove Local Government Areas. To get started, contact us through our webpage or any of our social media platforms.