Our world-class health administration training programme at CHSTA focuses on encouraging access to the full range of opportunities for health care training. Our Health Administration Training offers you the necessary instruction to excel at overseeing and leading the day to day operations at health establishments. These establishments include hospitals, maternity homes, pharmacies, medical consulting services, government medical agencies and intensive care centres.

Our blended programme at CHSTA covers an extensive list of training modules integral to gaining proficiency in healthcare administration.

Enrolment Requirements

This training is open to individuals interested in medical practice administration. We give preference to individuals with any of the following during admission:

  • An undergraduate degree in relevant health management fields
  • Relevant experience as practice managers
  • Relevant experience as health administrator but with a desire to improve skills and acquire certification
  • Medical qualifications
  • Diplomas or postgraduate degrees or other accreditation in health care management

What Knowledge and Skillset Does Our Health Administration Training Offer You?

  • Industry Knowledge: Insights into current states of the health sector and the role of health administrators in scaling competition and improving practice strategies.
  • Business Orientation: Training in financial services and competitive business strategies required for health administration
  • Communication Skills: Instruction on how to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals, patients and auxiliary staff at healthcare institutions.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds, understanding socio-economic stratification and how these affect access to quality healthcare.
  • Human Resources Management: Taking charge of recruitment and admission processes at health care institutions
  • Technological Proficiency: Knowledge and use of information and communication technology devices, social and digital media in upscaling medical practice.
  • Record Management: Compilation, retention and organisation of relevant medical records and information.
  • Finance, Budgeting and Revenue: Information about financial procedures involved in medical practice, budget drafting and accounts management
  • Regulatory Compliance: Full understanding of legal requirements, regulations and compliance with health institution standards.
  • Change Management: Adaptability skills to navigate changes in organisation structures and healthcare sector overhauls.

The comprehensive training programme is available for qualified and interested candidates in blended learning formats. With a training period of 15-28 months, our health administration training equips you to direct and lead healthcare environments effectively. This programme also comes with certification from CHSTA. Your excellent administration career starts with adequate knowledge and skill acquisition. Contact us to take up the training today.