We know how stressful cooking by independent senior citizens can be. Worse still, leaving the comfort of your home to pick up a meal may interfere with your luxury. At CSHTA, we have available home delivery of meals for the aged. Our passionate volunteers are available to prepare nourishing meals while freely bringing them to your doorsteps. Optionally, you can pick up meals at our head office and branches.

Who Can Benefit from Our Home-Delivered Meals?

We provide services to citizens over the age of 65 years, people living with disabilities and carers of invalid/aged people.

Why Opt-In for Our Home Delivered Meals?

  • We have got your location covered. Irrespective of where you stay, our volunteers are available to reach you with quality meals.
  • No limits on our deliveries. Apart from meals delivered at no cost, we also provide them as frequently as you desire.
  • We prioritise your nutrition. We make food that is dietarily recommended for you – a blend of protein, vegetables, and low-fat diets.
  • Friendly delivery staff. Our delivery volunteers are enthusiastic individuals concerned about your general health. If you are living independently, they are your surest bonding partners.
  • Food choice variety. Our food services provide a wide range of options to select—salads as part of our light meal options, Bread and potatoes on our heavy choices.
  • No commitments, no extra charges. We won’t charge you if you cancel; we always respect your decisions with your orders.
  • No least order requirements. Your orders can be as low as can be. There are no obligations to order a minimum amount.
  • Funded by and registered under the Australian Government Department of Health and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Meal Price List

Food DescriptionPrice
Main dish with fruit juice$10.00
Petite dish with fruit juice$8.00
Dinner dish with soup$5.50
Beef Salad with fruit juice$10.00

You can check out our complete meal menu here

Additional Service Delivery Details

Prices for meals vary depending on customer participation in the Australian Government-initiated Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Customers ineligible under the CHSP will be subject to different rates. See our comprehensive price list here.

If you wish to pick up your meals upon availability, visit our office nearest to you.

At CSHTA, our services are available every day of the week (Sunday to Monday) from 7 am to 10 pm. 

Order your first home-delivered meal with ease. Simply contact us via our mobile lines, email address and social media networks.