Health care delivery is becoming particularly diverse, and the sector’s requirement for sufficiently trained individuals is also very apparent. These individuals must be able to play dual roles as administrative workers and support staff to medical professionals.

Our medical practice assisting training programme is ideally suited to teach individuals the core of medical assistance and how they can advance their careers through requisite skills. Medical Practice Assistants work under different levels of supervisions, and most health institutions will require certification in medical practice assisting from reputable agencies from prospective employees.

At CHSTA, we provide just that, fine-tuned to meet employer requirements and global health practice standards.

Enrolment Requirements

All adults are eligible to take on the Medical Practice Assisting Training at CHSTA. Evidence of completion of secondary school education is a minimum requirement for admission into the training.

Getting to Know What Medical Practice Assisting Training at CHSTA entails

Enrolling for the CHSTA Medical Practice Assisting Training comes with an extensive array of subject areas candidates are required to learn. Here’s a glimpse of skills you will learn from our training:

  • Administrative Training: Instruction on administrative functions that medical practice assistants may be required to undergo in employment. This instruction ranges from equipment inventory recording, document filing to front desk activities.
  • Information Recording: Registration of patient information, retention of medical history, and hospital database management activities are integral to this aspect of the training.
  • Auxiliary Clinical Care: Provision of support to qualified medical practitioners and secondary clinical care to patients.
  • Effective Scheduling: Communication with patients, phone calls and hospital visit schedules for patients
  • ICT Skills: Ability to make use of computer devices, digital media, social media platforms and medical equipment for service delivery
  • Communication Skills: Training in proficient speaking and writing skills. Includes training to communicate with individuals with specific challenges
  • Customer Relation Strategies: Building and maintenance of a relationship with hospital patients
  • Familiarity with technical healthcare terms: Introduction to medical terminologies used in day to day hospital operations, including vocabulary for specialised medical practices
  • First Aid Provision: Ability to administer advanced first aid to hospital patients without the supervision of a medical professional.

The training is available online and offsite instruction formats for participants. The course training covers a duration of 9 – 15 months. CHSTA also provides certificates to qualified candidates. The CHSTA Training provides you with the perfect career leverage. Start your medical practice assistant career today. Contact us to enrol.