The flexibility of career prospects available in Australia’s health care sector is booming. If you are considering diving into one of the non-medical aspects of healthcare, you are one step closer to scaling your opportunities.

At CHSTA, we are not only passionate about quality health standards, but we also recognise the importance of skilled health practice management. This passion informs our offering of world-class health practice management training, targeted at individuals who intend to make a career from managing offices of medical professionals.

The CHSTA Healthcare Practice Management Training is open to all adults (including individuals who are not qualified, healthcare practitioners). This comprehensive instruction will train prospective candidates on strategies to administrate over healthcare practices successfully.

What Do You Stand to Gain from Our Training Programme?

  • Hospital Finance Management Skills: Budget preparation skills and effective billing systems
  • Excellent Communication Abilities: Effective Speaking, Writing and Gestures in a hospital environment
  • Leadership Training and Motivation: Building leadership skills, team spirit and the ability to motivate health professionals.
  • Organisational Culture and Change Management Skills: Responding to changes in health systems and organisational culture.
  • ICT Training Skills: Use of social media, Health software and technology tools to improve hospital efficiency.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills: It helps to prevent and resolve organisational conflict.
  • Quality Standards and Organisational Health Safety: Compliance with global health quality standards and the safety of workers, equipment and practice environment.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategies: Improving your ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and with peculiar challenges.
  • Ethical and Legal Compliance Measures: Understanding legal procedures, applicable laws and ethics of medical practice.
  • Customer Service Efficiency: Effective management of customer needs and innovative strategies to secure the loyalty of customers to medical practice brand.
  • Use and familiarity with Medical Terminologies in Hospital Communication.

Who Can Enrol in the Practice Management Training?

  • Medical Practitioners with an intention to take up practice management roles
  • Managers in other sectors seeking a career in the medical practice sector
  • Individuals without prior experience in management or medical practice
  • Health Practice Managers interested in improving their skillset

The CHSTA Healthcare Practice Management Training is available online and onsite for interested participants. The training duration is between 12 to 24 months from enrolment date.

Additionally, candidates who qualify from the training programme will also receive certificates from CHSTA, indicating they possess proficiency in healthcare practice management skills. Direct the drive to upscale your management career into good effect. Contact us to register for the Practice Management Training today.