We hope to help our customers live as independently as possible and enjoy the best quality of service from the comfort of their homes. We are committed to meeting the daily needs of our clients who are unable to go shopping on their own. 

What Shopping Services do we render?

We provide different forms of shopping services as the client desires

Accompanied Shopping & Appointments

Our clients can enjoy the company of our shopping staff when they need to go shopping, pay bills, make bank transactions or visit the pharmacy. Under our accompanied shopping service, one of our staff comes to take the client from their home to wherever they need to get to and bring them back home after shopping. We ensure flexibility with our services such that our clients can pick the day and time they would like and make an arrangement with us. 

Village Bus

Do you need to shop at the Lane Cove Village Shopping Centre? We offer transportation services for clients wherever they reside in Lane cove council area to the Lane Cove village for appointments, shopping and too meet up with friends. Our staff driver picks you up from your home, takes you to the village and brings you back home. 

Phone Shopping 

Shop over the phone with our staff and let us run the errands for you. Our phone shopping service makes shopping a lot convenient. Within only a couple of days, we would deliver the items on your shopping list from our allied stores at your doorstep, well packaged.

We take phone shopping requests every Friday mornings except on public holidays. Give us a call between 9:15 am, and 11:45 am to inform us about the details of your shopping list. Our staff or volunteer courteously takes note of your shopping order and provide suggestions. Our allied shopping mall deliver the items on your shopping list the following Tuesday. The delivery fee will be paid to the person making the delivery that Tuesday morning. 

Our phone shopping service can be used as often as necessary, and we do not need weekly commitment. It is, however, exclusively for those who have difficulties in shopping and live in Lane Cove area.

Services Operating Times

  • We offer accompanied shopping on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm
  • We offer the village bus on Wednesday mornings for 2 hours
  • We offer phone shopping on Friday mornings between 9:15 am, and 11.45 am, except during holidays

Areas we serve include Hunter Hill, Ryde and Lane Cove Local Government Areas. To get started, contact us through our webpage or any of our social media platforms.