A communal connection is vital to help to improve mental health and enhance individual strength, interests, and knowledge. We hope to help our clients enjoy the best quality of life and live as independently as possible through our Social Housing Outreach Program.

This is driven at promoting social inclusion, networking and social interactions among residents of various social housing facilities across Hunters Hill and Gladesville Local Government Areas to help then exchange ideas, socialise and have fun in a friendly atmosphere. 

This outreach program is provided for persons living with a disability and the elderly who reside in the public housing facilities. We make bus rides available as well as a range of recreational and educative activities to ensure our participants have a swell time and meet new people. 

What Does the Outreach Program Entail?

Our lovely weekly luncheons provide a variety of meals that are suited for our participants. We have stirring conversations and informative sessions on society issues, as well as ageing and programs to help our clients have the best from living independently.

Our English conversation classes help them improve on their skills. We also train our clients on leisure activities such as gardening, art, sewing, and more. The sight of a new and appealing environment excites our participants. To cap a month worth of activities, we go sight-seeing and pay visits to fabulous and fun places once a month. We also help them participate in gentle exercises to stay healthy. 

Our schedule of activities varies from month to month. We publish a monthly calendar that details the days and times of our activities for the month. This is sent across to all the participants. 


The fees stated below cover the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) participants only. If you fall under Home Care Package (HCP) and NDIS upon request, we will make our pricing available to you.


Learning groups and Recreational activities for The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) customers: $5-$10

Day trip for Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) customers: $15-$35

The Local Government Areas we serve are Gladesville and Hunters Hill Local Government Areas.

To get started, contact us through our webpage or any of our social media platforms.